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Nothing shocking under the cut, but I kept notes, so I may as well post them. Spoilers )
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Spoilers while watching )
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Spoilers )
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Heroes Episode 3x14 - A Clear and Present Danger Spoilers )
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Reactions while watching Heroes. Spoilers: Dual )
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Spoilers: The Eclipse - Part 2 )

ETA: Did everyone catch the commercial showing that Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on BSG) is going to be on Law & Order on Wednesday? I'm pretty much done with the original L&O, but I think I'll have to at least DVR it this week.
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Now that's what I'm talking about. Thoughts while watching.

Spoilers: Villains )
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Punching holes in canon...

I'm gonna cut this just in case it's spoilery )
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My thoughts while watching the season premiere:

Countdown Special )

3.01 The Second Coming )

3.02 The Butterfly Effect )
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I just discovered that the channel G4 is having a Heroes Season 2 marathon today. I turned the TV on at 12:30 and checked the TV Guide and G4 was halfway through airing Lizards. Then I noticed all of the Heroes episodes following. Yay!

I have errands to do today, so I can't sit around and watch, but thanks to my handy new DVR, I am recording Lizards through Powerless. Then I can watch them all later. Wee!
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Thoughts as they happen for tonight's episode.

Major spoilers for Heroes 2.09 - Cautionary Tales )

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